The European and the U.S. markets represent 60% of the world's market of business applications.  This market is increasing at a rate of 15%+ annually.  Software factories in both regions seek to reach markets across the Atlantic.  Such growth calls for tapping into top level consultancies, integrators or large ERP or CRM companies for targeted and profitable distribution.

Balena Partners, is experienced in both markets helping partnership development for growth, distribution and relevant market presence.  Our clients save on overhead sales and marketing costs for Trans-Altantic development.

The team works in San Francisco and Barcelona to help U.S. based companies reach the Europan market and European companies to reach the U.S. market.

We work with companies with a proven model in their respective local markets that have not started international expansion.  Our payment model includes a variable based on results allowing our clients to save in the international growth phase of their investment.

If you have a business application that can be integrated with other platforms or you represent a Software Factory looking to grow, we can evaluate the possibilities.  Our services include identifying potential partners, IT consultancies or integrators in the U.S. and Europe for international expansion and distribution options.

Send us an email and we'll be in contact within 24 hours. There is no cost for the first meeting.